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The Page Group & Premier Hotels Soup Kitchen

Our PnA Stationers, Wakaberry & Steers Nahoon joined forces with Premier Hotels in April 2017, and are supplying delicious food from Premier Hotels  every Saturday to the Norman Goosen Memorial Soup Kitchen in Parkside.  The chefs from Premier Hotels serves between 200-300 children with dignity every Saturday morning, and Penny, our PnA Mascot makes an appearance with Stationary once a term.  Our Wakaberry and Steers Nahoon supplies the juice, spoons and bowls and The Page Group also supplies the weekly Breakfast ingredients for the same group of children every week morning before school. This is how we roll every Saturday morning and these children has crept deeply into all our hearts and it is so heart warming to see their happy smiles when our bus comes around the corner and to know that 300 more children has full tummies.


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