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PnA East London – Win a Car Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


Win-a-Car Competition

[”the Competition”]

PNA Stationers invites customers to participate in a competition to win a car [”the Vehicle”] in the manner set out below.

The competition will be subject to the following terms and conditions and, by participating, the participant unconditionally agrees to be bound by them.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The following persons are not eligible to participate in the competition and the Company will exclude any entry submitted by them:
    1. The Page Group employees, sponsors, and their immediate families and agents;
    2. persons under the age of 18 years; and
    3. persons who are not resident within the precincts of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality.
  1. Persons, excluding those referred to in paragraph 1, above, who have made purchases at PNA Stationers, East London in excess of a minimum amount of R250 [Two Hundred and Fifty Rand], between the 1 December 2020 and 27 February 2021, recorded on a single till slip are invited to enter in the manner set forth below.
  2. A participant will be deemed to have validly entered the competition if he/she makes a purchase at PNA Stationers between the 1 December 2020 and 27 February 2021 by way of cash or card [but not on account] where:

3.1 the till slip indicates one or more purchases in excess of R250;

3.2 the till slip is an original one;

3.3 entry will be deemed to be a valid one if:

3.3.1 the name of the entrant/purchaser; and

3.3.3 telephone number; 

are clearly inscribed thereon; 

3.3 the duly completed till slip/Entry is “posted” through the window of the motorcar on display; and

3.4 for the purposes of the competition a till slip that complies with the above will be treated as a valid entry and will, for present purposes, be referred to as “an Entry.”

  1. The draw for the vehicle will take place at 17h00 on Monday, the 1st of March 2021 at the Company premises at PNA Stationers, 98 Old Transkei Rd, Nahoon, East London [” the Company Premises”].  Persons interested in attending the drawer are welcome to do so.
  2. At the draw, all entries will be placed in a bag, mixed and shuffled by a person who will be blindfolded and who will draw the winning entry.
  3. In making the draw, the party assigned to this will draw the first entry and, thereafter, four further entries, whose sequence will be marked.
  4. The winning entry will be telephoned and invited to provide his/her name, identity number and address and, provided the entrant is correctly identified he/she will be declared the winner.
  5. Should that telephone number telephoned not be answered alternatively should the party who answers it fail to identify himself/herself in accordance with the details appearing on the entry, the numbers appearing on the second then third then fourth then fifth entries will be telephoned, in order and until the party answering the phone responds by positively identifying himself/herself as the party that submitted the entry.
  6. The Company will appoint a scrutineer/judge whose decision will be final in respect of any dispute.
  7. The vehicle will be handed over to the winner at a reception on Friday 5 March 2021 at 17h00 at the Company Premises. 
  8. It shall be a condition that the winner has a valid driver’s licence. In the event of the winner not being in possession of the driver’s license, he/she shall be invited to nominate someone else who does hold a driver’s license, who may take delivery of the vehicle on behalf of the winner.
  9. For the purposes of handing over, to receive the motor vehicle, the winner will be required to attend a function at the Company premises, where the winner will be required to:
    12.1 attend a formal presentation and handing over event;
    12.2 be photographed during the handover for the purposes of publicity, public information and advertisement;
    12.3 take all such steps as may be necessary to license the vehicle in his/her name;
    12.4 agree that, for a period of one year after the handover:
    12.4.1 the winner shall not be permitted to sell the vehicle:
    12.4.2 the Company may, at its election, retain the vehicle registered in its name;
    12.4.3 the vehicle shall display decals, compiled by the Company, displaying advertising and promotional material, identifying it as the prize awarded by the Company, as the Company considers appropriate.
    12.4.4 the vehicle will stay in East London for one year after the competition concludes for marketing purposes.

13. Failure on the part of the Company to comply with these terms and conditions will not invalidate the competition.  

14. The Company reserves the right to alter the dates and times advertised in these terms and conditions and any such alteration will be advertised in a prominent place at the premises of the Company at PnA Stationers, 98 Old Transkei Rd, Nahoon, East London.

15. No late entries will be accepted.

16. Participants may submit as many entries as they wish, provided that each such entry complies with the requirements clause 3 hereof.

17. The prize may not be redeemed in cash.

18. The Company will not be responsible for the costs of running or maintaining the vehicle, which shall be properly cared for and maintained by the winner for his, or her, and expense.

19. The winner will be announced in the Go and Express newspaper.


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