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The Page Group’s PnA Stationers East London and Steers Nahoon have joined forces with The sweethearts Foundation to help launch the collection of bottle tops and bread tags in East London in June 2017, and is the official collection point for #topsandtags.  PnA Stationers East London  funded  the first 5 wheelchairs to be placed in our local community. To date we have handed over 25 wheelchairs, sponsored by our Directors, Darrel & Gussie Eberhardt.  Coca-Cola also joined forces with The Page Group and donated 2.2 tons of bottle tops towards a specialized custom made wheelchair for a disabled child in our East London Community! Thank you to our very own sweetheart, Kayla Eberhardt for introducing us to this worthy community campaign, where our whole local community are pulling together in giving the disadvantaged in our community the gift of movement!

The sweethearts Foundation is a 100% Non-Profit organization which collects bottle tops and bread tags (#TopsAndTags), recycles them and then purchases wheelchairs for the underprivileged members of our community. In order to generate enough money to purchase one standard wheelchair, we need to collect either 450kgs of bottle tops or 50kgs of bread tags. The amount of #TopsAndTags is constantly increasing and is often recalculated. In rand value, the price of a wheelchair is estimated at R2 500.00 per wheelchair. It is important to note that our beneficiaries come in all shapes and sizes and that often a specialized wheelchair is needed for a particular beneficiary. Generally, you can expect that the price of a specialized wheelchair will be in excess of R 2500.00.
The sweethearts Foundation spans across all of South Africa but operates mainly in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. The foundation which was started in 2013 and has grown from strength to strength has been able to handover over 220 wheelchairs with the help of our sweethearts (volunteers) and corporates who continue to support our cause. We also boast over 140 Collection Points in and around areas where we operate and once these reach capacity, our courier partners collect the collected #TopsAndTags and deliver them free of charge to our recycling partners (dependent on the quantity to be collected).
We are a completely non-profit organisation and every single cent collected goes directly towards the purchasing of wheelchairs for our beneficiaries

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